Consultation: Human Resource Management Solutions

One of our goals at CCFL is to assist human service agencies in achieving positive outcomes for children and families through the creation of a high-performing, committed workforce. We provide evidence-based consultation on a multitude of human resource questions and develop high-quality, legally defensible personnel interventions tailored to meet each organization's needs.

Why partner with CCFL to formulate your workforce solutions?

CCFL's consultants are highly trained personnel specialists with advanced degrees in industrial-organizational psychology, a field of psychology that focuses on applying behavioral science to the improvement of employees and organizations.

  • Emphasis on the well-being of individuals and organizations
  • Over 45 years of collective experience working with public and private nonprofit human service agencies
  • Experience in a wide variety of human service settings: child protection, child support enforcement, juvenile parole, juvenile detention, and law enforcement
  • Practical application of psychological principles, such as how people learn, how people are motivated, and what makes them committed to an organization
  • Recommendations in accordance with legal and professional employment guidelines
  • Adherence to ethical principles of psychologists
  • A team of experienced professionals with data analysis, statistics, and research methods expertise

What does CCFL offer?


  • Job Analysis
    Lay the foundation for future human resource interventions by identifying essential job tasks and the competencies necessary for success.
  • Selection
    Maximize job performance and employee retention with a variety of tools to attract, hire, and promote high-quality employees.
  • Training
    Evaluate training needs, develop training programs, and evaluate the effectiveness of training programs designed to help employees acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for success.
  • Performance Assessment
    Develop reliable means of assessing employee performance and giving valuable performance feedback.
  • Performance Improvement
    Explore ways to enhance performance by increasing employees' motivation and incentive to succeed.
  • Employee Attitudes
    Survey employees' attitudes and identify ways to improve job satisfaction, morale, and organizational commitment, climate, and culture.
  • Change Management
    Implement change more effectively and reduce barriers to its acceptance.
  • Problem Solving
    Identify and develop solutions to personnel problems such as absenteeism, burnout, and turnover.


  • Performed job analyses for child protective services worker and supervisor positions
  • Developed video-based realistic job preview of child protection job, including implementation guidelines and evaluation process
  • Developed structured hiring interview for selection of child protection workers
  • Developed supplemental job application (training and experience rating form) for selection of child protection workers
  • Validated personality and cognitive abilities measures for selection of child welfare staff
  • Developed and delivered training for users of selection system
  • Developed performance appraisal system for use with probationary child welfare staff
  • Developed and delivered training for supervisors on use of performance appraisal system
  • Conducted statewide training needs assessments for child welfare and juvenile detention staff
  • Developed training evaluation system for child welfare pre-service training
  • Surveyed mentoring program participants and offered recommendations for program improvements
  • Conducted statewide survey of law enforcement personnel involved in child abuse investigations
  • Conducted structured interviews of child welfare staff and law enforcement personnel involved in child abuse investigations
  • Conducted research on child protection worker decision making
  • Analyzed workforce impact on variation in child maltreatment reporting and substantiation rates
  • Facilitated process reengineering of child support enforcement unit
  • Analyzed causes of staff turnover and retention
  • Analyzed financial impact of staff turnover

For consultation inquiries, please contact Michelle I. Graef or Megan Paul.

Our mission

Is to conduct research, analyze policy, and provide education and community service. The purpose of CCFL's activities is to enhance the well-being of children, youth, and families.

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Children are extraordinarily precious members of society, they are exquisitely alert, sensitive, and conscious of their surroundings; and they are extraordinarily vulnerable to maltreatment or emotional abuse by adults who refuse to give them the profound respect and affection to which they are unconditionally entitled.
- Wisdom of the Elders, quoted in Kids Are Worth It, by Barbara Coloroso, ch. 1 (1994).